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Film Blogs to Read

1 Apr

Since I am constantly looking for ways to improve and a good idea on where to start is to read what’s going on in the industry.

Therefore a few blogs that I’ve discovered and some I’ve known about.

First up is Movie Bob via The Escapist. The magazine which is really more for gamers, boasts the tough in your face critics. My favorite is author, game developer and critic Ben Yacthzee famous for his Zero Punctuation game review shorts.  Why watch the animated sequences? Because he combines wit with visual to get to the point of his review without loosing your interest.

There is also Movie Bob who is again tough on movies and pop culture in general. His reviews take upcoming movies, recently released and previous releases in order to give an honest overall piece together of the film. Is he the best? No, but its nice to get a different perspective then the box office receipt.

Recently discovered is the Film School Rejects, its got news, reviews, trailers, and interviews. Its got awards that it shows on the top banner, but you can assume that the buzz around the website means it somewhat well respected in the online community. What’s nice about it? Very acessible, plenty of topics, and encourage reader interaction like a lot of websites and feedback when the comment box isn’t being abused.

Just discovered are blogs like desktop documentaries and apparently tom cruise.blog. The first is for people who work with the iphone, listing of course the essentials of a good camera, necessary basic equipment, and posts nice videos to help out in the explanations.

The second is more about the star tom cruise but has some good advice. The best I got from the recent column is something rather obvious. YOUTUBE is a free screening source, that will let you reach a wide audience fast and for free. It mentions the  youtube screening room which is for more professional film makers, but is the host of smaller independent project.

And of course there are 100’s if not 1000’s of others that will continue to update and be more specific to the needs of the viewers.
And overall the advice I’ve gathered is:

Watch alot of films
Listen to the critics.
Watch for the differences in your favorite directors
Look and read everything you can on how to make film
And then try and do it yourself, it’s not always easy, but as this class is teaching me it doesn’t have to be complicated either.