11 Apr

There is nothing quite like finding a movie that was made with a shoe string budget and bad acting. And as many of my blogs try to do, inspire and teach about those who have come before us.
EVIL DEAD now considered a cult classic follows the story of five teens who into a cabin in the woods and unleash unspeakable evil, which proves that teens attract evil, when filming a movie like this its best to work with people you know and like and impossible things can done with the right talent.
Oh just watch the trailer:

Bruce Campbell played Ash, the guy with no hope in saving his loved one or friend by the time the demons are finished ravaging their bodies. He’s found later by some passerby who think he’s insane, and the torment starts up for another round. The important note, if you watch how he can switch perspectives of the characters without actually loosing the story. It only heightens the scene when you can only see the back of a head, you look up at Ash’s face, the girl’s head babbles at you.

There was sequal more noted for these scenes WARNING GRAPHIC:

And of course my favorite the laughing deer head:

The movies were praised for their overall amazing work with doing nothing but working with what you have. Film Director Sam Raimi, was young but talented when you notice if you watch the films he combines slack and slash horror with well paced suspense that even when the monsters come out your sitting staring at your screen begging for more!

But EVIL DEAD was more than just a cult movie, it went on to define the gerne of cabin in the woods and even inspired a more reccent movie, “Cabin in the Woods” that takes all the rules of horror movies and splashes them in the face of the viewer.

The movie again follows the same story line but adds in a twist at the end so shocking you’ll have to watch it done by bunnies to really get the full impact.


The bunnies have more shorts and regular update on their main site “angryalien.com.


The point is as follows, that movies like these don’t come around very often. The process of getting  funding, setting up a script, finding actors, is very very tiering. So when their shot and produced and rolled out for the public they must be perserved for their originality if nothing else. Movies are not simply a part of us, they are cultural symbols passing on each generations lessons and fears the define the world we live in.

And also forward the movie making process offering more innovate techniques to redefine how a movie is shot and worked and looked at by 1000’s of previous followers.

Yes EVIL DEAD the newest version is a gross out flick, but it does some homage to its predcessor by building off the original. It takes the basic concept and twists it, makes something new and intriguing.

And to be honest EVIL DEAD may be the only series that inspired both a genre and its own spin offs without becoming the trap of Friday the 13th’s long long overdrawn plot devices.

With that here’s the newest trailer and its out in theatre’s now:

But don’t see it on a full stomach.


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