Sound Effects

3 Apr

Sound is important in video.

Natural Sound is always welcome but cannot always be found like a cow mooing, a wolf howling, a baby crying, or a ten car pile up.

Therefore sound effects are a welcome change when creating a movie versus a documentary.

Some famous sounds as follows:

That was the Wilhem scream the most widely used movie scream. It’s appeared in “Star Wars” and” Indiana Jones” but was originally used in the movie “Distant Drums”. The Warner Brothers studio simply put the sound in file and saved it for future generations.

Castle Thunder was recorded for the movie Frankenstein in 1931, but is used widely still for movies.

The Tardus for any fans of Doctor Who, the infamous time lord and his magical phone box space ship that forever has the emergency brake on. It was created by scraping a set of keys along piano wire added with some back round static.

And of course

The first five seconds of the whoosh for the space age doors was really just a piece of paper being slipped out of an envelope.

Sound Effects artists have been charged with giving movies the extra spark. In the 1960’s the leading studio was BBC (British television network) whose legendary team was on the front for creating new sounds by using organic objects.

But it’s not just with video, before video there was radio. 20’s to the 50’s saw the rise of popular radio programs, which were mostly recorded live in sound studios.

Feel free to skip past the first couple minutes, but Orson Wells Mercury Theater was one of the more popular drama’s during the day. It also caused real world panic when their Halloween broadcast of War of the Worlds, though the actual amount of damage done by listeners is still debated as newspapers may have drummed up the facts.

There are also plenty of opportunities on the internet to find free sound files to add to your creation. A few just to name some are, Flash Kit, Sound snap, Find Sounds. When using music and famous sound effects its best to check if their royalty free, just in case you get famous.


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