Finding Inspiriation

28 Mar

Alright there is nothing like attempting to find inspiration especially when your inspiration seems to have dried up on the sidewalk like a stomped earthworm. When in doubt write about what you know.

Therefore I call in my favorite film direction, the british and brilliant, Alfred Hitchcock. He directed a total of 53 films but is better known for, The Birds, Rear Window, Pyscho, and North by Northwest. His movies were mostly known for twist ending, mcguffins, and fantastic angles. He also had cameo’s in most of his films as well. Then the second most interesting thing is he also produced a tv series called Alfred Hitchcock Presents then ran for plenty of seasons.

His movies also starred mostly blondes who gave an icy cold shoulder to their leading actors, only to come around eventually to either help or hurt them.

Or that he had the shortest acceptence speech in history.

“Thank you…Thank you very much indeed.” -hitchcockimages

Hitchcock Was known for having cameo’s in his movies. cameo-torncameo-rear

His of McGuffins, which are in a word nothing. They are what drive the plot forward, they ranged from a coat belt to coded music sheet to a diamond.

And his famous use of camera angle’s to continue to build suspense in his movies.

Rope (1948) – 1. The rope used to strangle 2. The wrong hat picked up by James Stewart


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