Working with What you Have

25 Mar

So in order to become better at being creative, it’s best to work with what you have. I have an iphone as many people do, but also as many people I’m perpetually broke.

Therefore as much I want to get more into photography a DSLR camera can easily be a great investment but expensive, not to mention various lenses that can come with it. I went through so many Nikon Digital camera when I was younger, in hopes that I could take clear pictures. It never really worked out, because I working with the wrong kind of camera. I had a friend when I was abroad who had a great big camera, but she took some amazing pictures.

oxfordcurch sky oxford, england

She was really into digital photography.

Anyways I can’t really afford to get a big camera right now, even with the great J-School resources I want to be able to use something simple even after I graduate.
Introducing the iphone which with its many apps can high resolution pictures. For 3.99 you can download a camera app that will adjust exposure, you can check adjustments etc on the side. So like a real camera without having a real camera.

Anyways, for inspiration and proof that camera’s can be used for just about anything,




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