Costume. Costume. Costumes.

20 Mar

I love sewing. One of my many working on it talents.

I love even more costume design for movies and tv shows.

I have never watched the series “game of thrones” showing on HBO but know enough about it. It follows a series of seven kingdoms at war or peace depending with plenty of naked gratuity, extreme violence, and costumes to make it a success.

The head costume designer however has fit every season and every character to their clothes, Michele Clapton.

“”Ninety-nine percent of the costumes are made in-house, in Belfast. We have everything on site: our armorers, our weavers and our embroiderers. We weave our own fabric with our loom — many of the fabrics are literally made from scratch” – Clapton


Game-of-Thrones-Exhibition-Props-and-Costumes-game-of-thrones-33866638-960-710 Game-of-Thrones-Exhibition-Props-and-Costumes-game-of-thrones-33866652-593-960 6a00d8341c630a53ef0168e9264089970c-300wi

It takes one of a kind to a whole new level.

My favorite example was in “Snow white and the Huntsman”

The evil stepmother on her wedding dress wears a gown that looks like bones designed and created by Colleen Atwood.


tumblr_m5ikpuJ6NO1rpfxupo1_500 snow-white-and-the-huntsman

The actual dress however was nothing more than folded paper, tediously cared for and folded and shaped. tumblr_mdecfebg2a1rweo7n Of course nothing beats an entire cloak. Guess what it’s made of? Give up? Hand sewn rooster feathers, each one placed inside to create the crazy flow pattern.

Half the fun besides directing people, is placing them in costumes to really set the scene. Of course most costumes are dictated by huge budget, but that doesn’t mean or stop any one else from trying it out. 1000’s of people manage to use their local fabric stores to get the same look and feel, with nothing more then extreme dedication.

Take this young film maker, Kate Madison, who made her own prequel version to the lord of the rings for 25,000 pounds.

You can view it below, it’s pretty impressive since she directed, produced and starred in the film herself with 400 extras who worked for free shooting in the damp, soggy woods of England.

Daily Mail


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