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Finding Inspiriation

28 Mar

Alright there is nothing like attempting to find inspiration especially when your inspiration seems to have dried up on the sidewalk like a stomped earthworm. When in doubt write about what you know.

Therefore I call in my favorite film direction, the british and brilliant, Alfred Hitchcock. He directed a total of 53 films but is better known for, The Birds, Rear Window, Pyscho, and North by Northwest. His movies were mostly known for twist ending, mcguffins, and fantastic angles. He also had cameo’s in most of his films as well. Then the second most interesting thing is he also produced a tv series called Alfred Hitchcock Presents then ran for plenty of seasons.

His movies also starred mostly blondes who gave an icy cold shoulder to their leading actors, only to come around eventually to either help or hurt them.

Or that he had the shortest acceptence speech in history.

“Thank you…Thank you very much indeed.” -hitchcockimages

Hitchcock Was known for having cameo’s in his movies. cameo-torncameo-rear

His of McGuffins, which are in a word nothing. They are what drive the plot forward, they ranged from a coat belt to coded music sheet to a diamond.

And his famous use of camera angle’s to continue to build suspense in his movies.

Rope (1948) – 1. The rope used to strangle 2. The wrong hat picked up by James Stewart


Working with What you Have

25 Mar

So in order to become better at being creative, it’s best to work with what you have. I have an iphone as many people do, but also as many people I’m perpetually broke.

Therefore as much I want to get more into photography a DSLR camera can easily be a great investment but expensive, not to mention various lenses that can come with it. I went through so many Nikon Digital camera when I was younger, in hopes that I could take clear pictures. It never really worked out, because I working with the wrong kind of camera. I had a friend when I was abroad who had a great big camera, but she took some amazing pictures.

oxfordcurch sky oxford, england

She was really into digital photography.

Anyways I can’t really afford to get a big camera right now, even with the great J-School resources I want to be able to use something simple even after I graduate.
Introducing the iphone which with its many apps can high resolution pictures. For 3.99 you can download a camera app that will adjust exposure, you can check adjustments etc on the side. So like a real camera without having a real camera.

Anyways, for inspiration and proof that camera’s can be used for just about anything,



Costume. Costume. Costumes.

20 Mar

I love sewing. One of my many working on it talents.

I love even more costume design for movies and tv shows.

I have never watched the series “game of thrones” showing on HBO but know enough about it. It follows a series of seven kingdoms at war or peace depending with plenty of naked gratuity, extreme violence, and costumes to make it a success.

The head costume designer however has fit every season and every character to their clothes, Michele Clapton.

“”Ninety-nine percent of the costumes are made in-house, in Belfast. We have everything on site: our armorers, our weavers and our embroiderers. We weave our own fabric with our loom — many of the fabrics are literally made from scratch” – Clapton


Game-of-Thrones-Exhibition-Props-and-Costumes-game-of-thrones-33866638-960-710 Game-of-Thrones-Exhibition-Props-and-Costumes-game-of-thrones-33866652-593-960 6a00d8341c630a53ef0168e9264089970c-300wi

It takes one of a kind to a whole new level.

My favorite example was in “Snow white and the Huntsman”

The evil stepmother on her wedding dress wears a gown that looks like bones designed and created by Colleen Atwood.


tumblr_m5ikpuJ6NO1rpfxupo1_500 snow-white-and-the-huntsman

The actual dress however was nothing more than folded paper, tediously cared for and folded and shaped. tumblr_mdecfebg2a1rweo7n Of course nothing beats an entire cloak. Guess what it’s made of? Give up? Hand sewn rooster feathers, each one placed inside to create the crazy flow pattern.

Half the fun besides directing people, is placing them in costumes to really set the scene. Of course most costumes are dictated by huge budget, but that doesn’t mean or stop any one else from trying it out. 1000’s of people manage to use their local fabric stores to get the same look and feel, with nothing more then extreme dedication.

Take this young film maker, Kate Madison, who made her own prequel version to the lord of the rings for 25,000 pounds.

You can view it below, it’s pretty impressive since she directed, produced and starred in the film herself with 400 extras who worked for free shooting in the damp, soggy woods of England.

Daily Mail

Shooting at Night

7 Mar

Unless your on the hunt, there is nothing more annoying and painful than attempting to film at night.

First there’s the fact that everything is dark.

Second your camera is going to need to have subject illuminated in order to create light. This is done as most people know with a flash that gives the lovely deer in the head lights.

Third the dark is constantly refusing to just stay dark. Cars, buildings, and street lamps flicker on and off.

Fourth people may want to have a life outside attempting to film.

One trick for budding camera techs is to manipulate people into thinking its the night when in fact your shot during the day. It’s called day for night or night for day.

The video explains some basic tips and tricks to manipulate light to make it look natural.

There are other more high tech filters that if you were professional you may be able to afford, but they range from $500-$50,000 , plus the camera, and more often then not require a five man crew and a train track. There’s also the three light method.

This is the key light: Another great blog by David Heinzel
Another great blog by David Heinzel

The Fill Light: Another great blog by David Heinzel
Another great blog by David Heinzel

The Back Light: Another great blog by David Heinzel
Another great blog by David Heinzel

So it doesn’t really help if your subject is going to be moving around, but each shot of a movie is fixed for the light and the feeling. If your shooting on the fly, just try to get the best shot you can since you won’t have time re create the perfect type of light.

And of course there are always better ways to create light, but it’s not bad place to start. below is one last video that explains both the three basic ways to light and how to create your own light kit for under $25.

Video  found via:

The Weight of Being

4 Mar

A post to to my favorite artist and my favorite work.

Rene Magritte created the painting “Son of Man” created in 1946. He did it as a self portrait and follows a theme in other work. He painted it three years before his own death. I have it  as a  poster that hangs over my bed. It carries his qoute, “Everything we see hides another thing, we always want to see what’s hidden by what we see.”


Of course Salvador Dali, is another contender for the surrealism if for different reasons. Very different reasons.
My favortie painting of his is, “Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate a Second Before Awakening”. In no short words, it’s bizzare. It’s sensory overload. Dream_Caused_by_the_Flight_of_a_Bumblebee_around_a_Pomegranate_a_Second_Before_Awakening And it represents everything i love when I want my head to be exploded. The level of detail that makes you want to throw out everything you ever drawn and make it better. These artists make me realize that we celebrate our differences and the things that inspire us, no matter if no one else will ever see it. And I could try and understand it, but I think artists challenge people to be critics. The story is always in the eyes of the beholder. There are ways to do it better.

And there are ways to do it horribly.

But I like to end this post on a surreal note, by adding in a poem from my favorite poet. The edge of your seat poem where the last minutes of every life is counted in every line and the weight of death is breathing down your neck. So you appreciate every second.

“The Terrorist, He Watches”by Wislawa Szymborska.

The bomb will go off in the bar at one twenty p.m.
Now it’s only one sixteen p.m.
Some will still have time to get in,
Some to get out.

The terrorist has already crossed to the other side of the street.
The distance protects him from any danger,
And what a sight for sore eyes:

A woman in a yellow jacket, she goes in.
A man in dark glasses, he comes out.
Guys in jeans, they are talking.
One seventeen and four seconds.
That shorter guy’s really got it made, and gets on a scooter,
And that taller one, he goes in.

One seventeen and forty seconds.
That girl there, she’s got a green ribbon in her hair.
Too bad that bus just cut her off.
One eighteen p.m.
The girl’s not there any more.
Was she dumb enough to go in, or wasn’t she?
That we’ll see when they carry them out.

One nineteen p.m.
No one seems to be going in.
Instead a fat baldy’s coming out.
Like he’s looking for something in his pockets and
at one nineteen and fifty seconds
he goes back for those lousy gloves of his.

It’s one twenty p.m.
The time, how it drags.
Should be any moment now.
Not yet.
Yes, this is it.
The bomb, it goes off.