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What Doth Inspire me?

26 Jan

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”


The Great Blue Heron is one of the native birds of Maryland. It’s sighted mostly near the oceans, the lakes, and various rivers that run through my state.

This photo is not my best, not my worse, but I liked how close I was able to get to the bird without startling him to flying off. Everywhere a colony of great blue herons roost on far side of the highway that leads to our mall. We get to look up at their nests in spring and in the winter when there not around.

The heron in Native American Totem stands for Independence, Self Reliance, and Balance. Their most often associated for their ability to stand up in the water while fishing and looking ahead for dangers and anticipate things to come.

The photograph itself uses balance and negative space to frame the bird as the center of attention. The light was outdoors meaning i could capture the picture without to much shadow. I took this with my Ipod two years ago in the summer time. I like birds, and the heron is particular favorite.



About Me

23 Jan





Currently a Senior at USC majoring in Advertising and minor in business, with hopes of getting into a grad program for graphic design in the UK.

Camera work was playing with the camcorder on holidays making up bizarre skits and playing round in the basement. My photography was a few digital pictures of sticks in the woods and some shots of my sister.

I love movies, especially old movies from the 50’s and 40’s where nothing was CGI, but i have respect for current movies who can pull it off well. I want to get behind a real camera and try shooting video for the sake of story telling. Photography isn’t my current passion, but I want to be able to frame shots. A lot of pictures I’ve taken were more by mistake then on purpose using just a plain Nikon digital camera or my iphone.

I need direction when I’m being creative which is why I often crochet or knit, but take some liberties with patterns or my creations. I also am pretending that I’ll be an author one day which explains the constant urge to write fiction.  I draw somewhat, not the next Dutch Master, but I hope to improve those skills in able to move on with my art.